Last Gig Announcement

Sinking hearts

After Several Gigs and our second album's release we are taking a break for about a year in order to work on new material. The following months will be released our "Ptosi" album on Vinyl (about 300 copies).

So the gig in Prapopoulou Squat (1/3) is going to be our last for about a year. And here is the playlist as well:

1.Άφιξη /  Arrival
2.Λαβύρινθος / Labyrinth
3.Το παιχνίδι της εξουσίας (Στέρεο Νόβα) Game Of Authority - Stereo Nova Cover
4.Ξανά σε σειρά / Once In Line Again
5. Μονάδα μέτρησης άγχους /  Stress Counting Unit
6.Οδύσσεια / Odyssey
7.Θεοί και αφέντες / Gods And Masters
8.Λευκά Κελιά (Clown) / WhiteCells - Clown Cover
9.Ανθρωποστάσια /  Human Factories
10.Θωρακισμένη ανασφάλεια / Armoured Insecurity

As a friend says,
Squat your heart.

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